About IH Malik

I.H Malik is an Astro palmist, Tarot cards Reader, Numerologist and Soul Healer. Worked as an Astro Palmist on Rohi TV and Asia Plus TV.
Mr I.H.Malik carries a repute of one of the most senior fortune tellers in Pakistan. He is doing this occult science for the last 30 years. He has got clients all over the world.


As an Astro Palmist/Fortune Teller practiced in the Marriot Hotel Islamabad for more than 15 years and also for some period in Islamabad Hotel and more than a year in Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi.


I.H Malik has done his M.A and B.Sc from Punjab University beside many courses. He is well versed with English, Urdu, French and Persian.

Why IH Malik?

If you are willing to help yourself for the solution to your problems such as :
  • Marriage of your Choice
  • Suitable Match for your Son/Daughter
  • Immigration
  • Visa
  • Traveling Abroad
  • Magic of Any Kind
  • Hinderance in your day to day performance
  • Serious illnesses
  • Financial Severe Problems
  • Business/Job Related Problems
  • Mother in law – Daughter in law Relationship Problems
  • Husband Wife Misunderstandings leading to Adverse Consequences.

If you are depressed and torn off due to the above mentioned disasters, If you want to get rid of these monsters in this once gifted life, then help yourself by talking to IH MALIK, an Astro -Numero Palmist Specialist Working for the last 30 years. He has got clients all over the world. IH MALIK will help you to solve your problems with ALLAH’s help and WITHOUT AMLIYAAT OR TAAWIZ,

Contact Details:

Astro services are available beside Rawalpindi/Islamabad ,rest of the cities of Pakistan and all over the world round the clock. You can ask any question or problem and it will be replied through the mentioned occult science.

Your Problems & its Solutions
Tarrot Cards Reader, Numerologist, Soul Healer

Office Address:

H.No 188, St. No 11, Block D, Media Town,

3rd Floor PWD Road, Rawalpindi Zip 46000, Pakistan

Phone Numbers:

+92 300 9567563

Email: ihmalik@outlook.com

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