benazir bhutto's hand print

  1. I had predicted astrologically by the end of 2006 to many people that Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto will visit Pakistan in September/October 2007 even though at that time she was living in exile for many years and her chances of coming to Pakistan were very remote but then as I predicted Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto came to Pakistan in October, 2007, Senator Sherry Rehman is an authentic witness to this prediction.
  2. Majority of Astrologists and Fortune tellers were predicting after every six months that Mr. Zardari’s Government will not complete it’s tenure. A lot of different Astrologists on TV channels were also predicting that his Government will end up any time in the whole five years but I had predicted to a lot of people that Mr.Zardari’s government will complete it’s full 5 years.
  3. I had predicted that Mr. Nawaz Sharif will become third time the Prime Minister of Pakistan, last Year, many astrologists said that his government will fall but his government is still in office and will continue in office but now it  seems  astrologically that January/February, 2016 is the period in which there will be little turmoil and turbulence for the Government they have to be careful, time frame could be more or less but hopefully they will come out of this predicaments.
  4. As predicted to a course-mate of General Raheel Sharif whose name is Major General Tanveer ul Allah Khan (Retired) that our next COAS would be General Raheel Sharif. According to General Tanveer, at that time he conveyed my prediction to General Raheel Sharif.
  5. There are countless predictions I have made in last 30 years which became true. Anyone can ask me about its details.
  6. I predicted that Imran Khan Dharna in 2014 will end up with failure and I suggested him through his friend that he may please wind it up early.
  7. In 2016, in Pakistan there could be natural calamities like earthquakes, floods. Astrologically i am foreseeing the conditions of common man is not likely to change much.
  8. No Martial Law is foreseen in the country.
  9. All the politicians are suggested astrologically that they may serve the people with full commitment and dedication.
  10. I also foresee that Mr.Imran khan has a better future and vital role in the politics of Pakistan provided he remains consistent and should not induct the turn coats in his party.